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Click here to check out Amtrak's flash sale.

Want to travel and see the country, but worried about how you'll afford the cost of a plane ticket or gas? Amtrak wants you to consider traveling by rail — and they're offering an incentive in a flash sale.

Through Monday, customers can get a free one-way ticket for a friend or family member when they purchase another ticket for an adult. There are two restrictions worth noting:

  • Tickets purchased through the sale are valid for travel from March 25 through July 29.
  • Seating is limited, and not all seats may be available for all trips.

The Amtrak deal can provide significant savings compared to a plane ticket. We searched Travelocity for the cheapest one-way flights for two adults on May 31; here's how the prices compared to those offered by Amtrak:

Boston to New York

  • Flight: $164.60
  • Amtrak: $$83

Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon

  • Flight: $195.16
  • Amtrak: $121

Chicago to New Orleans

  • Flight: $142.60
  • Amtrak: $135

Will Amtrak's flash sale make it easier for you to see the country this summer? Leave a comment on and let us know!


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