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BUY IT NOW: $40 Off Alexa Powered Buddy Wireless Speaker + Free Shipping

It was a deal that started with a mistake! In my continued quest to hunt down the best deals, I often catch pricing errors or misprints in sale listings. If you want to own a solid wireless speaker with the Amazon Alexa voice service integrated, this is your day.

About four weeks ago, one merchant started selling a refurbished version of the Alexa powered Buddy Wireless speakers despite the product being listed as brand new online. Customers were furious. They thought they were ordering a new product and they received a used one.

Two weeks later, the listing for that same speaker is littered with negative reviews tied to a refurbished product even though it's a different merchant selling a brand new speaker. To get this product into the hands of more shoppers and to inspire more positive reviews, a product that would typically sell for $86 is now on sale $45.

This Alexa-enabled smart WiFi speaker is tremendous both in terms of size and capability. It performed very well in our reviews. The Buddy is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. You can play music, make calls, send and receive messages. At the same time it offers updates tied to news, sports scores, weather - just ask!

Click the play button to hear more about the misprint and the savings!

BUY IT NOW: $40 Off Alexa Powered Buddy Wireless Speaker + Free Shipping

Was: $85.99

Now: $44.99


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