ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Potomac Yard Shopping Center is about to quickly undergo a major overhaul. 

Instead of more big-box stores-- prepare to see condos and apartments situated above smaller shops, restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues.

“We have a lot of development that's anticipated in North Potomac Yard,” Alexandria’s Deputy City Manager Emily Baker said.

The new Virginia Tech Innovation Campus will take up space on the property.  
With work on the campus beginning soon, that will only accelerate plans to transform the shopping center.

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The timing of that work is all being linked to the soon-to-be built Potomac Yard Metro station.  

“The metro station investment is intended as an economic investment generator,” Baker said.  

City leaders are expecting to attract a lot of new interest and development in the area, which is why they're looking to rapidly resolve a controversial issue surrounding the new Metro station.  

City leaders and stakeholders met Monday night to figure out how to add a second entrance -- which was originally promised on the south side of the station, without delaying the project and costing taxpayers millions more.    

“We want to make sure we're supporting the growth there and at the same time, support the community that's already living there,” Baker added.

At Monday night's meeting, most people were in favor of a plan to create a simplified and cheaper, second entrance.

“We're excited we're now very close. We have a contractor on board and moving forward with construction to get it built and open,” Baker said.

Baker also said the plan is to open the new metro station by the Spring of 2022, with Virginia Tech and private developers planning their projects around the station's opening.

As for your favorite stores at the Potomac Yard Shopping Center, Baker said what stays and goes will be ultimately be up to the property's landlord.