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Bikers demand Amazon pay for a new bike lane near HQ2 in Crystal City

Advocates insist that work could be done as part of construction that will be happening anyway—and it could cost as little as $20,000.
Credit: WUSA9
A study by VDOT is looking into lowering Route 1 overpasses to ground level.

ARLINGTON, Va. — Amazon’s HQ2 is set to create more than 25,000 thousand new jobs in Northern Virginia over the next decade. Getting those people to their high-tech jobs has become a high priority, region wide. But now one group says Amazon should pick up the tab to keep bikers safe.

“I think everybody needs to do their part,” said Chris Slatt of Sustainable Mobility for Arlington County. He said the soon-to-be site of HQ2 at the corner of 15th and Eads Street is a hot spot for bikers. But Slatt stresses they are too exposed on one side of this 16-acre development.

“It’s not someplace you’d want to hike with your kids,” said Slatt. “It’s not someplace that somebody who’s not super confident is going to want to bike.”

A line of paint separates bikers from drivers whizzing off nearby Route One. Sustainable Mobility for Arlington County is asking Amazon to make improvements. Bikers want a protected bike lane along 15th Street and for Amazon to pay for it.

“We think Amazon, as part of the infrastructure of HQ2, should be improving the bike infrastructure right in front of their building,” said Slatt.

There are protected bike lanes nearby. Bikers are separated by reflective poles — even shoulder-parked cars.

“A protected bike lane would separate the riders from moving traffic by something from other than just paint,” Slatt said.

Slatt stresses that work could be done as part of construction that will be happening here anyway — and it could cost as little as $20,000.

“I think this is an easy way for Amazon to do their part,” said Slatt.

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