The new NBA recruit comes from humble roots.

Josh Hart, the 22-year-old from Silver Spring, just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

His dad, Moses Hart, is a retired caterer. His mom, Pat Hart, still works as a waitress at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville.

But maybe not for long.

"Relief," said Pat Hart. "Relief that he's made it."

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"This is a dream come true," said Moses Hart..

There was a big party the night of the NBA draft. The Utah Jazz used the number 30 slot to pick Hart, and immediately traded to the Lakers.

Check out Hart's tweets in the crazy days that followed. First "Excited to be an L-A Laker." Then, "What should the first car be?" And then: "My biggest dream is to make sure my parents never have to work again."

"Last week he calls my husband and he's like, you know dad, it's pretty expensive in LA," said his mom with a laugh. "He's a good kid. and we're blessed he still wants us," said his father.

Hart was molded by adversity. His family home burned down when he was 10. He was recruited by Sidwell, and then kicked out because his grades were bad. But the community rallied around him and convinced the prestigious school to bring him back. He repaid the school back with better grades and an average of 25.2 points per game.

"Josh's story has been told, but it's still being written. It's important for people to understand how much he has overcome, and who he's going to be," said coach Eric Singletary.

Josh Hart is now on the Lakers summer league roster, and will start playing in Las Vegas in the next week. But his family and coaches are convinced this young man who has struggled so hard is going to be a star.

Pat Hart was still waitressing, but says she is quitting. She and her husband are moving not to LA, but to St. Louis, where they'll take care of her dad -- with a little help from Josh.