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This picture below was shared on Facebook thousands of times. You may have seen it on Wednesday.


In this case, the picture was shared by "Tom" in the middle of this controversy over the Trump administration's new immigration policy.

Those sharing the photo say it happened at Dulles just this past weekend and we wanted to verify.

It isn't true.

We tracked down the actual photo to a controversy in Kentucky involving sheriff's deputies handcuffing young students with learning disabilities, back in 2015.

The picture below is still image from a video from the ACLU, an organization suing over that incident.

Now, even though the picture of a handcuffed child was not taken at Dulles, there was at least one case of a young boy detained at that airport this weekend.

A video shows 5-year-old Artiman Jalali being reunited with his mother after the child returned home to Maryland from a trip overseas with his cousin.

Senator Chris Van Hollen says Artiman was held without access to his mother or legal representation for more than four hours.

And when asked about it on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended the detention.

So, while children may be detained as part of Trump's immigration ban, the child seen handcuffed in this viral photo is not one of them.


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