A Northern Virginia community has found itself in a messy situation and it all has to do with the removal of several dog waste cans.

The Newgate Homeowners Association Board of Directors removed dog waste cans from their Centreville subdivision last month. Ever since then, residents have complained about dog waste being left all over the neighborhood in inappropriate areas.

The HOA's board of directors noticed some problems after the removal of those waste cans too. It actually sent out a letter last week to residents that claimed people were putting dog waste in the cars owned by HOA board members.

The letter also said someone got so worked up over the HOA's removal of its disposal cans that the person tried to mail dog waste through United States Postal Service to the home of an HOA board member.

The United States Postal Inspection Service has already launched an investigation into the case. A spokesperson with the USPIS told WUSA9 that if a person is found responsible they could be fined or even prosecuted.

Dog owner Debbe Brady said she is saddened by what has happened in her community. She said the waste stations were moved with very little notice to the public. Brady said the HOA board, and its President, should have done a better job of consulting residents about the change.

"This was passed and no one in the community knew about it," she said.

WUSA9 reached out to the President of the Newgate HOA board, but it has yet to receive a response. A meeting is planned to discuss the matter in late February.