A small group of protestors gathered at RFK Stadium on Saturday to call for the George Preston Marshall monument to be taken down.

Marshall founded the Washington Redskins and was the NFL pioneer.

He was the first, or one of the first, to view football as a form of entertainment, creating a marching band and team song as well as elaborate halftime shows. In the early 1960s, he became the last NFL owner to integrate his team.

Ian Washburn is part of the Rebrand Washington Football organization that held the event.

“The monument is attributed to Jim Crow and the genocide of indigenous peoples,” he said. “We think it’s time for it to go.”

Earlier in the week and during a conversation on the matter of confederate statues coming down D.C.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton said such situations should examined on a case by case basis, examining the individual redeeming qualities verse their sins.

Before adding, if the case calls for the statue to come down, it should be put in a place where It can be explained as opposed to destroyed.