Miriam’s Kitchen, a local non-profit, collected nearly 1,000 Metro cards after the Inauguration and Women’s March in D.C.

The organization, which aims to end homelessness in the District, asked visitors to donate their unneeded SmarTrip cards to help those in need get to appointments, interviews, and work.

“We were absolutely amazed by the response,” the organization wrote on its website.

A call for donations on social media reached 795,000 people.

“To date, we have received 970 Metro cards from as far away as Hawaii, California, Montana, Oregon, and Texas. Additionally, many donors included warm messages of hope as well as additional support.”

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Miriam’s Kitchen said one of the donations helped a guest who recently lost his job and has limited funds. The Metro SmarTrip card helped him get to his next doctor’s appointment.

You can donate SmarTrip cards or cash by checking out Miriam’s Kitchen online.