Are you feeling stressed out? Do you need a little love? The answer could be as easy as some puppy love!

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue started a new program where they bring puppies to your office to cuddle, kiss, and give chin-nibbles to melt your colleagues' stress away: It's called puppy therapy.

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue goes to high-kill shelters in the south and saves puppies from euthanasia. They bring the dogs back to Northern Virginia where they go into foster homes until they can be adopted.

Wolf Trap founders hope to eventually raise enough money to open an actual structure to perform surgeries and house more dogs. But to do that, they need to raise about $500,000.

Enter, puppy therapy. Wolf Trap volunteers take puppies to corporate events, offices and yes, newsrooms to help de-stress. It's beneficial to humans because, well, puppies make everything better. It's great for team building, and it's good for the dogs, too. Socializing the puppies helps them get adopted.

Wolf Trap has already saved 1,399 dogs and 118 cats. To donate to Wolf Trap, click here.

To book puppies in your office, click here.