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Monday, November 6
Show #16048 (TV 14 (L))

“Accused of Faking Pregnancies and Baby Deaths: Is She Scamming Men or a Victim?”

ALL-NEW! Courtney claims her former friend Amie has lied about being pregnant three times and losing five babies in total. Courtney claims Amie’s alleged pregnancy schemes were very elaborate and believable. She says Amie posted photos of her sonograms and ultrasounds, video of the babies kicking inside her belly, and even had baby shower and maternity photos taken. Courtney claims there was even a balloon launch ceremony for one of Amie’s alleged deceased babies and photos of stillborn twins sent to one of the fathers. Amie insists she was pregnant all three times and says she is disgusted by Courtney’s false and hurtful accusations. Amie claims Courtney has started an online hate group in order to further harass her. In an attempt to uncover the truth, Dr. Phil producers spoke with the county coroner, the hospital, and even tracked down one of the supposed fathers-to-be. For the first time in two years, Amie and Courtney come face-to-face. (CTD)

Tuesday, November 7
Show #16310 (TV 14 (L))

“Accused of Faking Pregnancies and Baby Deaths: Amie’s Explosive Reaction”

ALL-NEW! Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Courtney, who claims her former friend Amie had masterminded and fabricated multiple pregnancies and baby deaths. Courtney claims Amie’s alleged baby scam was very elaborate; from posting sonograms, ultrasounds and maternity photos to even having a baby shower for her expected twins. Courtney claims Amie has even gone as far as sending photos of stillborn twins to one of the supposed fathers-to-be. Amie insists Courtney’s allegations are all disgusting lies and wants her to back off and stop making a mockery of her lost children’s lives. For the first time in two years, these two women came face-to-face. Today, Dr. Phil asks Amie to answer many questions surrounding her pregnancies, such as why there are no death records of her deceased children. Will Amie be able to prove she is telling the truth? Plus, what causes Amie to walk off the stage and have an explosive meltdown backstage? (CTD)

Wednesday, November 8
Show #16046 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Son Thinks He’s Engaged to Rihanna, Walks around Town Naked and Believes He’s Worth $700 Billion"

ALL-NEW! David and Marla say they were shocked when a video emerged on social media of their 28-year-old son, DJ, walking the streets of Los Angeles naked. Both David and Marla say they are very concerned for his mental health. They claim that DJ is delusional and say their son believes he’s engaged to Rihanna, works alongside the likes of Jay-Z, Drake and Beyoncé, has amassed a fortune of $700 billion and is the most powerful person in the world, with Presidents Trump and Obama working for him. Marla and David claim DJ is violent and poses a serious danger not only to himself, but also to others. DJ’s sister Moniece, one of the cast members of VH1’s Love & Hop Hip Hollywood, says her brother is at his most extreme place in terms of his emotions, and she claims that he is mentally ill and in denial. But, DJ claims he is misunderstood by his family and says there is nothing wrong with him. (CTD)

Thursday, November 9
Show #16016 (TV 14 (L))

"Our 14-Year-Old Habitual Runaway Daughter is Being Repeatedly Harbored by Her 18-Year-Old Boyfriend!"

ALL-NEW! Jody and Mike say they can no longer parent their out-of-control 14-year-old daughter, Michelle. The parents claim Michelle is doing drugs and drinking alcohol, repeatedly getting picked up by police, and hanging out with older boys. They also claim Michelle is a habitual runaway and has run away from home at least 10 times this year. Michelle says if her parents would just treat her like an adult, she would have no need to run away. During the summer, Michelle’s parents claim she disappeared for five days before being located at her 18-year-old boyfriend, Paul’s house. Paul says Michelle is the love of his life and plans on marrying her. Paul says Michelle’s parents better get used to having him around because he’s not going anywhere. So what would it take to keep Michelle from running away? Can these parents possibly accept Paul and move forward? (CTD)

Friday, November 10
Show #16305 (TV 14 (L))

“Explosive 14-Year-Old Runaway Teen and Her Backstage Drama”

ALL-NEW! Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jody, Mike, their 14-year-old daughter, Michelle, and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Paul. Jody and Mike accuse Paul of harboring their daughter after repeatedly running away. Mike and Paul discuss an explosive altercation that got so heated, Mike said he was ready to “end Paul’s life.” Paul says he is ready to take care of Michelle - but their relationship is illegal and he occasionally sleeps in a broken-down car with no windshield. And, the explosive drama continues backstage! (CTD)

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