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Monday, April 16

Show #16411 (TV 14 (L))

“She Stabbed and Killed the Man Who Claimed to Have Disposed of Natalee Holloway’s Remains”

ALL-NEW! John Ludwick, who claims to have helped hide the body of missing teenager Natalee Holloway, was stabbed to death in Florida after he reportedly attempted to kidnap 23-year-old Emily Heistand. In an exclusive interview, Heistand speaks out for the first time just days after her attack. (CTD)

Tuesday, April 17

Show #16109 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“‘My Daughter Abandoned Her Young Children for a Toxic Relationship’”

ALL-NEW! Splendor and her husband, Jeremie, say they have been worried about their daughter, Jazmon’s, safety ever since she chose to leave her children and be with her current boyfriend, Mike. Splendor calls Mike “the devil” and claims he is physically abusing Jazmon. Jazmon admits she has to work on being a better mother. She says her relationship with her 7-year-old son is very distant and she sees her 3-year-old daughter every other weekend. But Jazmon also claims her mother and stepfather have no reason to judge her or her relationship with Mike when her mother abandoned her as a child. Mike says Jazmon’s family does not know him and should not judge him based on lies, and he says he wants Splendor and Jeremie to understand that he loves Jazmon and he is not a bad guy trying to abuse her. (CTD)

Wednesday, April 18

Show #16107 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Boyfriend Just Told Me He’s Still Married"

ALL-NEW! Dr. Phil tackles the four biggest issues in relationships: money, sex, trust, and weight. First, trust. Lisa says she met the man of her dreams, Johnathan, on an online dating site 15 months ago. After a few months, Lisa says they moved in together with their young children from past relationships, combined their finances, and discussed having more children and even marriage. Lisa says she wasted no time in trying on wedding dresses and looking for the perfect ring, but Johnathan dropped a bombshell, which changed everything; he says he won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon. Why? Because he is not even divorced from his first wife! Next, weight and sex. Mother of three Jamie dropped over 100 pounds and transformed herself into a new woman. But her husband of 18 years, Chuck, says his wife’s new figure is a turn-off and he is no longer attracted to her sexually. And, money, one of the main reasons couples divorce. Chandler is learning that young love comes at a very high price. He says his 21-year-old fiancée, Arynn, has landed them in over $60,000 of debt because she can’t stop spending their money on the finer things in life. (CTD)

Thursday, April 19

Show #16082 (TV 14 (S)(D))

"Should I Leave My Angry, Money-Hungry Husband?"

ALL-NEW! Holly says when she and her husband, Murat, met, they had a whirlwind romance and married after dating for just two months. Holly says she now believes that Murat only married her for the millions she stands to inherit. She claims Murat is always talking about her money and even lied about the amount of debt he was in before they married, telling her that he was $50,000 in debt but she later found out that he was closer to $100,000 in debt. Murat admits he lied about the amount of money he owed because he was embarrassed and did not want to be judged. But money is not their only problem. Holly claims Murat has physically assaulted her on three different occasions, including an incident where Holly claims Murat threw her over an ottoman. But Murat denies throwing her and claims he only pushed Holly because they were arguing, and she was in his face. Holly says she is fed up, no longer loves her husband and wants a divorce but feels stuck in the marriage. However, Murat is not willing to give up so easily; he says he wants to save his marriage and build a future with Holly. Find out what advice Dr. Phil has for this couple. (CTD)

Friday, April 20

Show #16133 (TV 14 (L))

"My Wife's Son Can't Function in Society and I'm Ready to Kick Him Out!"

ALL-NEW! Sandy wrote into the show because she says her 22-year-old son, Dylan’s, life has been halted since his best friend died of a drug overdose almost two years ago. Dylan, who tried to revive his friend by doing CPR, says that he partially blames himself for his friend’s death, and that his stepdad, Thomas, doesn’t understand his pain. Now, Dylan sleeps up to 13 hours a day, and Sandy says she walks on eggshells and fears waking him before noon. Thomas says Dylan was a defiant child in every way and gets away with it because his mother and father don’t give any discipline or consequences. He says that the table was set before he came in the picture, but if Dylan was his biological son, he would force him to do what he’s told. He says that Dylan lives rent-free in his house and if he tries to punish him, Dylan just runs back to his dad’s. Thomas says he’s fed up with having Dylan under his roof without following the rules, and he’s ready to kick his stepson out if he doesn’t fall in line. (CTD)

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