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NOTE: January 31-February 2 shows have been updated.

Monday, January 29

Show #16409 (TV 14 (S)(D))

“Inside the California ‘House of Horrors’: 13 Children Allegedly Shackled, Starved and Abused”

ALL-NEW! Inside what some are calling the “California House of Horrors” where police say 13 children were starved, chained up, and abused by their own parents. Family, neighbors, and childhood friends speak out on the secrets that allegedly went on behind closed doors. Plus, kidnap survivor Michelle Knight sends a message to the children. (CTD)

Tuesday, January 30

Show #16005 (TV 14 (L))

“Critical Crossfire: ‘My Husband’s Ex-Wife Accused Me of Poisoning and Kidnapping Her Son"

ALL-NEW! Marla and Marty went through a bitter divorce in 2013. Marty then married Jennifer, and a shared parenting plan was eventually finalized between Marty and Marla that clearly stated that “neither party shall annoy, molest, interfere with or harass the other in any manner, either directly or indirectly.” The police have reportedly been called over 100 times to address alleged breaches of the parenting agreement, and Marty and Marla’s child is caught in the crossfire. According to Jennifer, Marla called the police claiming that Jennifer had poisoned her 10-year-old son David and also accused her of kidnapping him, which Jennifer adamantly denies. Who is at fault here? One thing is for sure: the child is paying the price for this parenting drama. (CTD)

Wednesday, January 31

Show #16408 (TV PG)

“Exclusive: Deadly Michigan Rock Throwing: Parents of One of the Accused Teens Speak Out”

ALL-NEW! Five Michigan teens have been charged as adults with second-degree murder after allegedly throwing rocks over a highway overpass, one of which killed a father of four. In an exclusive interview, the father of one of the boys accused speaks out. (CTD)

Thursday, February 1

Show #16064 (TV 14 (L))

"I'm in Love with Someone from My Social Media Who I've Never Met"

ALL-NEW! Twenty-one-year-old Bailey says eight months ago, she “liked” a tweet from a complete stranger and it was love at first post. Bailey says their romance is like no other love story you’ve ever heard, but the shocking thing is this stranger has never met Bailey, and she wants her to stop sending thousands of messages professing her love. Bailey’s mom, Ericka, says she’s lost her daughter to this fixation she has with this stranger, and she wants her daughter back. When Bailey finds out she will be sharing the stage with her mom, Bailey storms off because she says she hates her mom. Will she come back and talk to Dr. Phil? (CTD)

Friday, February 2

Show #16311 (TV PG (L)(S)(D))

"My First Face-To-Face Meeting with the Girl Who is Obsessed and in Love with Me"

ALL-NEW! Thursday, viewers met 21-year-old Bailey who says she has the greatest love story of the century. She says she met Jasmine on social media eight months ago and that it was love at first post. She says they’ve been communicating day and night but have never spoken on the phone and have never met. When Dr. Phil first tried to talk to Bailey, she became insistent that her mother, Ericka, not participate in the show, and Bailey angrily walked off the stage. Bailey decided to come back to tell Dr. Phil she wants to meet Jasmine for the first time because she has something important to tell her. Will Dr. Phil allow Bailey to meet the target of her obsession? (CTD)

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