WASHINGTON - Capitals fans are flocking to Las Vegas for what could be a historic win for the team and the D.C. area. It’ll be a memorable trip for two of those fans, no matter what happens on the ice.

Josh Huy and Savannah Miller, both from Southern Maryland and big Caps fans, had been planning a trip to Vegas for her birthday for six months. It just so happened their trip to the Strip coincided with the Capitals Stanley Cup run.

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As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Josh wanted to make the trip a little more special. He made a surprise announcement while on their Southwest Airlines flight.

“Together we are unbelievably strong. You have made me realize what true commitment is and at this moment I wouldn’t be any more happy than committing my life to you. Savannah, will you marry me?” he asked over the flight speaker.

After he walked down the aisle back to their seats, she excitedly said yes.

WUSA9 sports anchor Darren Haynes was on the flight to cover the Caps and caught the special moment on camera.

After the plane landed in Vegas, he talked to the newly engaged couple about the surprise.

Savannah said when she saw Josh go up to the front of the plane, she thought he was going to get everyone to sing happy birthday to her.

“I was honestly really surprised. I had no idea it was coming, so I’m very happy,” Savannah said.

Josh said he’s not the kind of guy who gets nervous, but the anxiety set in once he stepped on the plane.

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The couple and their family members plan on relaxing and celebrating their engagement in Vegas—and hopefully, a Caps Stanley Cup win, too.

“We all have our shirts and everything, we’re excited to watch the game!” Savannah said.

Congrats to the happy couple!