SAN ANTONIO - A photo of a goldfish has gone viral.

The fish got a new set of fins thanks to the handy work of one San Antonio man.

The photo is the pure genius of a man who just had the heart to help a goldfish

According to BuzzFeed, 20-year-old Derek works at an aquarium shop in the city. A customer brought the fish in explaining that it was losing its buoyancy causing the fish to float to the bottom of the tank.

Usually, you can change a diet or give a fish water treatment, but nothing had been working.

So Derek decided to make something.

Using some tank valves and Styrofoam he created a wheelchair that helped the fish to swim upright.

Derek sent the picture to his friend Taylor Dean who posted it to Twitter. Now, it's now gone viral with over 25,000 retweets.

“This story about the wheelchair for the goldfish has made my day, I’m getting emotional," Chris tweeted.

Jonathan Neighbors tweeted, “You are teaching people that all animals no matter their handicap deserve love and support to live a normal life.”

So as you can see, many are applauding the young man for taking the time to help out a fish.