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'It’s just a given, it's going to happen' | Local trans women say enough is enough when it comes to violence

Human Rights Campaign says at least 284 transgender people have been murdered since 2013. Local women say it's time for a change.

Eric Flack, Ruth Morton

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Published: 11:29 PM EDT June 6, 2022
Updated: 8:24 AM EDT June 7, 2022

“You know as a 6-foot, 3-(inch), 250-plus trans woman, it is, you know, safe to say that I draw a lot of attention,” Poston said.

But Poston learned the world is not always an accepting place and can it be a cruel and dangerous one too. The day before Easter 2017 along Florida Avenue in Northeast, Poston said she was the victim of a hate crime.

“I was attacked by four men in broad daylight. Next to a fire station. For simply existing.”

Credit: WUSA9
Monroe Poston was the victim of an attack in broad daylight in 2017.

Poston said it started with verbal attacks.

“That’s a man! Look at him! Who does he think he’s fooling?” Poston said the men yelled at her.  

“When I walked out of the store that’s when they started to throw their hands up and started to attack me,” she continued. “And the rest, unfortunately, is part of my story.”

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