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Not obese anymore, a 9-year-old dog is searching for her ‘fur’ever home

For more than a year now, doctors have been helping a 9-year-old Pit Bull Mix, named Olympia shed weight, but she still struggling to find her ‘fur’ever home.

Not too long ago, WUSA9 covered the story of an overweight cat who was adopted by a family that loves fat felines!

Now a 'once fat dog' needs that same love!

For more than a year now, doctors have been helping a 9-year-old Pit Bull mix named Olympia shed weight, but she's still struggling to find her ‘fur’ever home.

When a Virginia shelter rescued Olympia, she weighed close 130 lbs. It was a startling sight for doctors, who say she should’ve weighed closer to 60.

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A little over a year later, this is 9-year-old is doing even better than 60! She now weighs 56lbs.

"It's something very near and dear to my heart. I love this dog so, so much. And so do all of the staff members,” said Dr. Lindsay Vega with Veterinary Referral Associates, an animal hospital in Gaithersburg, Md.

Dr. Vega and the staff took-in Olympia two summers ago. The entire staff was stunned and wanted to help medically. Some had never seen a dog this overweight before.

"This wasn't, you know, her doing,” staff told WUSA9 last year.

Olympia did it willingly...with a toy in her mouth! She also battled through two torn ACLs she sustained in part from the weight. Those surgeries cost “thousands and thousands” of dollars, according to Dr. Vega. The hospital footed the bill.

Since reaching her goal weight, Olympia has had some adoption offers. However, those homes included other pets.

PHOTOS: Olympia, the rescue dog

"She should be an only dog and she just likes to be the queen of the home,” said Dr. Vega.

“This is like, her spot,” Vega added, pointing to a sleepy Olympia resting on the doctor’s lap the entire time we talked.

The hard part is, as much as Vega loves Olympia, the emergency room doctor and the staff members also have pets of their own.

Vega said she’s been depending on her family for help.

"I really don't want her to spend all of her time in the hospital. She's here when I'm working now. She's actually at home with me when I'm done working and my dog has been shifted to my parents’ house for the time being,” she said.

They're is not willing to put Olympia back in a shelter and are determined to keep her as long as it takes.

"She just loves being with people. That's her goal in life is to be with and hang out with people and just be loved by them,” said the doctor.

Anyone interested can contact Dr. Vega directly at: Lvega@vravet.com.

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