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How long will my dog live? New study offers some answers

Researchers chart life expectancy for popular breeds to show which tend to live longest, and which have shortest lifespan.

WASHINGTON — We love our dogs, and we're grateful for the precious time we have with them. But it's a fact of life, and death: We humans outlive our beloved pets.

How long can you expect your dog to live? No one can know for certain, of course. But a comprehensive new study from the United Kingdom provides some eye-opening information. For example, you might be making a lot more memories with a Jack Russell Terrier than with a French Bulldog.

Researchers gathered data from hundreds of veterinarians who cared for more than 30,000 dogs. They used all of that detailed information to chart the average life expectancy for several breeds. 

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The study's authors noted that their findings in the United Kingdom might not translate from country to country because of differences in factors such as accessibility to veterinary care. But their findings can be viewed as a general guide.

Here's a look at life expectancy for several popular breeds, starting with those that tend to live the longest:

  • Jack Russell Terrier - 12.7 years
  • Yorkshire Terrier - 12.5 years
  • Border Collie - 12.1 years
  • Springer Spaniel - 11.9 years
  • Labrador Retriever - 11.8 years
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier - 11.3 years
  • Cocker Spaniel - 11.3 years
  • Shih-Tzu - 11.1 years
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - 10.5 years
  • German Shepherd - 10.2 years
  • Boxer - 10 years
  • Beagle - 9.9 years
  • Husky - 9.5 years
  • Chihuahua - 7.9 years
  • American Bulldog - 7.8 years
  • Pug - 7.7 years
  • English Bulldog - 7.4 years
  • French Bulldog - 4.5 years

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This study was conducted by a team that included Dr. Dan O'Neill, an associate professor of companion animal epidemiology at the Royal Veterinary College in Hertfordshire, England. You can find the detailed findings here, as published online in the journal Scientific Reports.

For tips on caring for your pet, visit the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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