The D.C. area’s spring snowstorm was no place for a tiny kitten. Thankfully a couple officers in Northern Virginia were in the right place at the right time.

Late Tuesday night, they found three black kittens in a window well in Arlington. The Animal Welfare League of Arlington described them as “ice cold.”

“We weren’t sure they were going to make it,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

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The little balls of black fur were rushed the AWL’s “Kitten Academy” where they were promptly placed in an incubator to warm up. After a few hours, they were warmed up enough to eat.

“All of them ate from their bottles like champs!” AWL said.

Now, the kittens are in foster care and will be available for adoption soon.

Because of their snowy discovery, they were named Ana, Elsa and, of course, Olaf.