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Saint Bernard with months to live uses bucket list to fulfill his best dog life

Thank you, Odin, for showing us that we should be living every day to the fullest!
Credit: Courtesy of Bobbie Jo Ledford

From ice cream to meeting Hooters girls, this dog is doing it all!

Every dog has its day, but for Odin, every day is his day as he lives his best life through his very own bucket list.

The 4-year-old Saint Bernard has osteosarcoma, which is a bone cancer, in his front paw and only has a few months to live. Bobbie Jo Ledford, Odin's dog mom, said the vet informed her and her husband, Jeff Ledford, that Odin wouldn't be a good candidate for amputation.

The Ledford's options were slim. The vet gave Odin 10 months to live with amputation and 12 months with chemo. Bobbie Jo said they ultimately decided to decline both options.

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"We wanted him to be a happy puppy," Bobbie Jo said.

She said she was devastated and spent her time crying until her husband gave her some helpful advice that led to the creation of bucket list.

He said "don’t waste your time crying, make memories," she recalled.

To help Odin fulfill all his doggy dreams, his dog mom and dad created the bucket list for him.

Through his journey, Odin has won the hearts of thousands of humans and animals alike. His Facebook page, Odin's Bukcet List, has over 5,000 followers.

"This has helped with my sadness," Bobbie Jo said. "Odin would light up everyone with a smile."

Two-legged and four-legged fans of his page have come together to support Odin and help him with his journey to complete his bucket list.

"We appreciate the love and support and how his group became a family," said Bobbie Jo. "Don’t waste memories, make memories."

The majority of Odin's bucket list has been completed, but there's still so much he wishes to experience. The following is a full checklist of his bucket list:

  • First ice cream✔️
  • Puppichino at Starbucks✔️
  • Go to nursing home visit the elders
  • Meet a policeman✔️
  • Get his picture taken professionally✔️
  • Picture next to a soldier
  • Picture by a firetruck✔️
  • Staying at a hotel✔️
  • Meet the NYR Rangers
  • Meet the Newark firefighters/Department
  • Get an extra large pizza that says my name on it from dominos & picture✔️
  • Eat at Granny’s Pancakes ✔️
  • Picture by a light house
  • Visit Newton fire Department
  • Go on a picnic
  • Pup scout for the day✔️
  • Picture with Hooters girl✔️
  • Oscars ✔️
  • Martha’s ice cream ✔️
  • Whistle stop✔️
  • Visiting a pre-k children
  • Hot Dog Caboose ✔️
  • Glen Rock Duck pond✔️
  • Big Rock✔️
  • Go on a farm✔️
  • Lake George✔️
  • Dog beach✔️
  • A&W root beer✔️
  • Cruise✔️
  • High point monument✔️
  • Eat at a restaurant✔️
  • Take a picture by a helicopter✔️
  • Getting my own P.O.Box✔️
  • Meet the Yankees
  • Picture by an ambulance✔️
  • Mariachi band sing for Odin✔️
  • Going on the news✔️
  • Skyland stadium meet the minors

Odin is native to New Jersey, so we'll forgive him for not being a Nationals fan. Odin really wanted to meet the New York Yankees, but unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the stadium.

Next week, Odin gets to ride in a police car. He will also be going to Newark to visit firemen.

Bobbie Jo said Odin would love to meet the Capitals since they won the Stanley Cup and get a picture in front of the White House or Washington Monument.

The Ledford's is Odin's fourth home and they have had him since November. He was was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in March.

"Odin is lovable, gentle and calm. He loves people and enjoys car rides," said Bobbie Jo.

Thank you, Odin, for showing us that we should be living every day to the fullest!

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