A Christmas gift given at a Columbia, Md. high school went viral over the weekend after a video was posted online.

The person who gifted the Christmas gift says it's not so much about the video, but the action in it. That's what he hopes will really spread.

Now to the “gifter.”

“Who's your favorite wrestler,” WUSA9 asked.

“John Cena. It was always John Cena,” said Charles Thompson Jr.

Both he and his mom did Cena's "You can't see me,” face-cover move at the same time.

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Thompson Jr., or CJ for short, is a Long Reach High School senior basketball player who immediately gravitated to another student.

"It was the first day of school when I met him,” said CJ, “Cause we had first period together, which is a gym class…he had his arm sleeve on and he was doing wrestling moves and I said OK."

The other student and “giftee” is Shanquis. CJ's mother ask we not give his last name or age at the request of his family.

Shanquis has special needs.

“I see him as a regular person,” said CJ, “like a see my brother, like I see my dad."

So like his brother and dad, CJ had to get Shanquis something special for Christmas. He decided on an NXT wrestling belt.

"You (know) like that first day of school feeling where you can't sleep, I was like, 'Oh I can't wait to see his face, I can't wait to see his face,'” said CJ.

“Got you a belt boy,” CJ said in a Twitter video that has since gone viral.

After Shanquis opens the belt, you see him throw it over his shoulder and shout like his favorite WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) wrestler.

"The reaction was priceless. It made me feel so good,” said CJ.

"I was amazed,” said his mother Genise Barnes, in response to the reactions.

Online, the video got more than 139,000 shares. There were also dozens of comments, including “thank you” messages from people who have loved-ones with special needs.

"I just hope, people realize how, even a small act can make somebody's day,” said CJ. “If everybody does stuff like that, the confidence rises, everyone starts feeling, bullying goes down, its just – I don't see any negative coming from that."

WUSA9 reached out to Long Reach's High School Principal, Joshua Wasilewski.

He knows the video well and wrote the following:

“This video not only inspired and warmed the hearts of many, but it highlighted the special friendship that exits between Charles and Shanquis. Through his kindness and generosity, Charles showed the best of Long Reach High School. Our entire community is so proud of both these young men.”

The WWE is paying attention. Since that video went viral on Twitter, CJ said the WWE contacted them and is making arrangements for both boys to attend the Royal Rumble in Pennsylvania later this month.

On Wednesday, CJ also tweeted a photo of Shanquis holding an autographed photo from his favorite wrestler, Randy Orton.