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'God is good!' | US veteran celebrates 106th birthday

Maureen Davis also shares her secret to a long, wonderful life.

JOURDANTON, Texas — UPDATE: Maureen Davis turned 106 years old on Wednesday.

Original story

Maureen Davis was hoping to receive 105 birthday cards for her 105th birthday. Well, after he story aired, she received more than double; 300 cards!

In Jourdanton, the party has already started for Maureen Davis.

Davis was born in 1917 and turns 105-years-old Tuesday, on the date 02-22-22.

Her family, friends and a local group of women veterans are working to make sure this live wire is celebrated in grand style.

The former Army First Lieutenant who has received a living legend proclamation from the Military Women’s Memorial group, will be receiving birthday cards from far and wide. The women veterans set a goal of 105 greetings, but with one day left, they have already delivered many more.

Laughing at a luncheon, surrounded by doting supporters, Davis joked that reading all the cards will give her something to do when she’s old.

Her care team at Argent Court in Jourdanton agrees. They say Davis is far too busy to be slowed down by much.

Ruby Ballin said, “She actually still runs the exercises every day at 11:15.   She is in the activity room, running the exercises.”

Ballin said Davis doesn’t cut anyone any slack. “If I try to take over or try to help her? If I don’t do it right, she knows exactly what to do.”

Calling Davis an amazing person, Ballin added, “She’s wonderful! I love her so much!”

Ballin calls Davis a living treasure. “I cannot thank the Lord enough for her, she’s a true inspiration for everyone, honestly.”

Veteran Patricia Niemann said her group enjoys honoring Davis every year. “We try to get cards from all around the world, just to wish her a happy birthday because she’s amazing!”

Niece Shirley Baker said Davis never stopped serving after she left the Women’s Army Corps, and she has always been the family’s favorite aunt.

“She was an incredible Bible class teacher!” Baker said, serving generations.

“Everything was hand-made, and it was wonderful. And the children learned the Bible if they were in Maureen’s class,” Baker said, adding “The creativity knew no bounds and her hospitality was amazing.”

Baker said even though Davis has slowed down just a bit, her mind is still sharp and she is still sharing love and treasured stories.

“Some of the things that are hanging in her room are things I remember as a child, so they are 50 or 60-years-old and she can tell you who made it and where it came from,” Baker said, adding, “It’s pretty neat!”

Marveling at the loving support for her aunt, niece Sara Springer said “There’s no one more deserving than Aunt Maureen.  All this just shows how many lives she has touched in her life.”

Nephew Al Davis said his aunt has always loved community improvement projects.

“She was given an award by the Governor for cleaning up the town of George West. She was the top citizen in the state for that year,” Al Davis said.

Linda Davis said she vividly remembers meeting her aunt by marriage because Maureen was out sweeping the street outside her home when they arrived to visit. “It was a parking lot, and she was sweeping it!  She just never stopped, never stopped serving!“

Reflecting on more than 100 years of living, Davis said her favorite activity now, when she’s not running exercise classes, is resting.

“You really want to know (my favorite activity?) Sleep!” Davis said.

She also said people ask her for advice regularly. “I give it very freely, but I get more back!” Davis replied, laughing sweetly.

Talking about the importance of faith, Davis said, “God is good! I can see his goodness all around me.”

Davis said she encourages youngsters to do simple things to get closer to God.

“Take a walk, either around this building or out in the woods where the cattle are. God is with me or I am with Him,” Davis said.

Davis said she finds God in trees and water and the world around her. “We forget that God is big, but He has time to care for me.”

To send a birthday greeting in honor of this special birthday, her address is:

  • Maureen Davis c/o
  • Argent Court
  • 1951 E. State Hwy 97
  • Jourdanton, Texas 78026

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