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Couples celebrate Marriage Week leading into Valentine's Day

"I don't have a perfect marriage, but I have perfect love for my wife." Jacques Chevalier said.

WASHINGTON — The week leading into Valentine’s Day has been dubbed “Marriage Week!”  It’s also a reminder for you guys and gals to get your lover a gift!

WUSA9 spoke with two different couples who offered some advice on how to have a thriving marriage.

Jacques and Carolyn Chevalier have been married for 31 years.  “We're very straightforward each other. If her breath is stinking, I tell her or if mine is stinking, and she'll tell me. Now, that's how we do, that's how we do.” Jacques Chevalier said.

It doesn’t get more real than that! Honesty is the secret to the Chevalier’s long-lasting marriage!  “We've been able to build wealth and good health together.” Jacques Chevalier added.

The lovers spend their time dancing, it’s how they show and express their affection.  Carolyn believes Jacques was heaven sent just for her. “I mean this is this the one for me, you know how God has put people together? He was meant for me. It’s the physical attraction.” Carolyn said.

Jacques questioned, “What about the mental?”  Carolyn, “And the mental!”  Jacques touting, “I’m not a trophy!”

The two met at a party more than 40 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. “You have to make your spouse your best friend. You have to believe in them first don't take advice from, especially your single friends.”

Friendship is also the key for Anique and Zach graham. We first introduced to this couple last year when the two got married at the start of the pandemic.  “We have not spent a day, apart in over a year since the day that we got married.” Anique Graham said.

The two have spent more time together than the average newlyweds. With the ongoing pandemic, there hasn’t been a honeymoon, no kisses goodbye before work, just time spent understanding and listening to each other.  “It may sound a little cliché, but communication just really is a big deal, especially when you're in, you know, close proximity to someone for so long.” Zach Graham added.

As we head into the holiday centered around love, the Chevalier’s have another secret to make sure you and your boo stand the test of time,  “I always say I don't have a perfect marriage, but I have perfect love for my wife, if that makes sense.” Jacques Chevalier said. Carolyn adding, “And I have perfect love for my husband.”

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