We're so excited to announce that our new service dog-in-training is named Nigel!

More than a thousand of you voted on the name of our next service dog -- and now we can tell you the name Nigel was the winner.

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Puppy name voting. 

The puppy will come to us from Canine Companions for Independence, an organization based out of California, that provides service dogs to veterans, people with disabilities and even children with autism. 

We're happy to partner with them. 

The other great news --> you can now watch the litter as they start their training at Canine Companions headquarters. 

This camera will be on the group 24/7 (it may go down for a bit daily, while they clean).

Watch with us as we learn which one of these little furballs will be our Nigel!

You can watch the feed on our YouTube page. Subscribe here.