The Fredericksburg Regional SPCA, while promoting their AdventureTails program for dogs, encourages residents to come and visit their cats as well at their facility.

AdventureTails is a program which allows people to come in and take dogs out for walks. This program has three benefits.

First, it allows the dog-walker the ability to de-stress, as well as spend time with a dog of their choice.

"It gives them [dog-walkers] some dog time," said Von Young, the head of social media at the Fredericksburg branch.

Second, it lets the dog move around outside of the building in a more open environment.

Third, it allows the SPCA to learn more about each dog's personality, such as how they do around other people in the public, as well as how the dogs behave while on a leash. More information about this program can be found here.

In a recent Facebook post, along with their AdventureTails program, they also encourage people to visit and spend time with their cats, even if they are not looking to adopt.

"We're brainstorming on how to bring people in to socialize with the cats," Young said. "They love to cuddle up on your lap, and they love to be talked to."

Young emphasized that this opportunity is also great for children.

"They can just come in and hang out with the cats. It also gives kids incentives for reading assignments."

Young went on to state that, even though this is not a program, the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA is looking to turn it into one in the future.