The Animal Welfare League of Arlington reminds residents that, due to high winds in the DC metro area, there is the potential that squirrel nests will be knocked out of trees.

This is a particularly dangerous scenario as this time of year is typically known as the beginning of the baby squirrel season.

The AWLA provided tips on what to do if you find any young or recently newborn squirrels.

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For example, check to see if they babies are warm or cold and whether or not there is insect activity.

If they are warm and there is no insect activity it is very likely that the mother is close by.

In that case, simply attempt to either place the nest back in a nearby tree or try to make a makeshift nest from a basket or something similar and attempt to secure it to a tree. The mother will most likely return to the nest in a few hours.

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However, if they are cold to the touch or there is insect activity, then they most likely need immediate assistance. AWLA urges you to call them immediately at 703-931-9241, even if you are just unsure as to whether or not they need help.