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Meet the shotgun-shooting fiddler at ASU

Macy Kienbaum splits her time between teaching music and shooting with the ASU Gun Devil team.

MESA, Ariz. — Some might consider Macy Kienbaum the poster child for contrasting talents, but she doesn't understand why. 

"I would consider them both to be finesse related," Kienbaum said after spending her afternoon shooting trap at the range and playing her fiddle. "A lot of the people in the shooting world don't know that I play the fiddle and a lot of the people in the fiddle world don't know that I shoot, and when they find out it's definitely like,'whoa what?'"

Macy's juxtaposing talents shape nearly every aspect of her life these days. She currently works as a music teacher, but met her husband in Washington at the gun range. Macy now attends ASU as a member of the "Gun Devils" shotgun shooting club. 

"I could have gotten a similar degree to what I'm pursuing in Washington but they didn't have a trap program or a shooting program, so I started looking around and found out ASU had one," Macy said. 

The rest is "curtains," as she would say and now she's pursuing a degree in Graphic Information Technology at ASU. This well-rounded lifestyle comes with a message for parents, and Macy wants everyone to hear it. 

"Encourage your kids to try everything and even if they aren't good at everything try it anyway. make sure you have lot of hobbies in life, because without hobbies, what's the point of life?"

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