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'DC is go-go. Go-go is DC' | Mayor Muriel Bowser makes go-go the offical music of the city

Nearly 50 years in the making, go-go music is now forever part of D.C.'s official history books.

WASHINGTON — What country music is to Nashville and Jazz music is to New Orleans, go-go music is to DC. And on Wednesday, the living legends of go-go music came out to Culture House DC to witness history. 

Sugar Bear, leader singer of EU Experience Unlimited, Big G from Backyard band and Chuck Brown's -- the Godfather of go-go -- oldest daughter were all present to see Mayor Muriel Bowser sign a bill designating go-go as the official music of D.C. 

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The creative arts performance space was packed with people wearing green "Don't Mute DC" hats and t-shirts and the crowd was pumped up. 

Before signing the official document, in true call-and-repeat go-go fashion, Mayor Bowser asked the crowd to chant with her. 

"When I say go-go, you say...IS D.C.," she shouted. 

The crowd enthusiastically chanted it three times. 

To be in the room was electric. With each chant, the energy in the room was more palpable, as they knowledge spread that this was a historic moment in the District. 

"D.C. is go-go. Go-go is D.C.," the crowd chanted

You could see the pride on Councilmember Kenyon McDuffie's smiling face. He introduced the bill to the council months ago, but now he was surrounded by go-go fans of all ages to watch it become official. 

Credit: WUSA9
Mayor Bowser signs bill making go-go the official music of DC

McDuffie individually thanked leaders of the Don't Mute DC movement, including Ron Moten, Dr. Natalie Hopkinson and Don Campbell. 

Campbell owns the Metro PCS on the corner of 7th and Florida Avenue, a corner synonymous with go-go music. The corner became the scene of a seminal moment that McDuffie believes fueled the bill coming to fruition. 

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"They helped amplify what it means to the world if you try to shut down go-go music," the Councilmember said to the crowd. "Go-go will not be muted. The residents of the District of Columbia will not be silenced."

McDuffie made it clear he was referencing the now-iconic moment when a resident of a nearby condo building suggested that the go-go music playing outside of Campbell's store was too loud.  

McDuffie then turned to thank the crowd. 

"Thank you for showing up at the corner of 14th and U. at the corner of 7th and Florida Avenue," McDuffie said. "Wherever there was the sound of go-go music y'all stood up and said we will not be silenced." 

After Bowser signed the bill she handed pens to leaders of the go-go community. 

Bowser now has 240 days to create and submit to the D.C. Council a plan to support, preserve and archive go-go music and its history. 

Whether that means an endowment for go-go artists, or a go-go music curriculum in DC public schools, only time will tell. 

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Until then, enjoy this wildly catchy go-go song teaching kids the importance of brushing their teeth. I promise -- if you weren't a go-go fan before, this song and its cuteness will win you over. 

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