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Quick Questions: What was the year's most searched question on the internet?

When was the last time you were seriously stumped by a question? Well, check out these questions that we answered.

WASHINGTON — When was the last time you were seriously stumped by a question? Well, there really isn't an excuse for that anymore, because we literally devoted an ENTIRE show to help give you answers.

Besides the Q and A, Google is a great resource to find answers to your questions!

Speaking of, here's our first question: "What was the year's most searched question for the internet?"

A: Believe it or not, the answer is "What is area 51?" The website released a list of the most searched questions today, and queries about the test sight in Nevada topped the list.

So why were there so many questions about Area 51? Well, in early September there were reports of plans to raid the site, you don't need Google to tell you that wasn't a smart idea.

Our next question comes from Reddit. User 'A Green 36-36' wants to know, Where are the best places to adopt a cat in the D.C. area?

A: First off, good for you for choosing to adopt! There are plenty of great animals in the area who desperately need homes or they will be put down. 

Now to answer your question, there are plenty of shelters all around the region, but one of the best-reviewed places we saw, is the Humane Rescue Alliance in D.C.

Finally, Redditor 'Bring me Coffee or Tea' asks: Where are bars with free pool tables?

A: First off, great handle. Secondly, a great question! Who doesn't love a game of pool? Try 'Black Whiskey' on 14th street or 'Midlands' on Georgia Avenue.

And those are three more of your questions answered. Do you have a question for us? Send them our way! We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just be sure to use the hashtag, #TheQanA

Or email us at TheQandA@WUSA9.com

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