#TheQandA Question: "Can anyone help me with my medical bills?"

Suvi and Tony Morales' love story began at Rockville Senior High School when they started dating their senior year.  

They went to Salisbury University and graduated with degrees in exercise science. Both had planned to eventually get doctorates agrees but on Christmas Day 2015 Tony started to notice trimmers in his right hand. 

Doctors eventually discovered a brain tumor. He was only 22 years old.

"He told me that this was happening and they were going to give him some oral chemotherapy," Suvi said. "They did the craniotomy and they were able to get out almost all of it except for a small part that they couldn’t touch."

On Nov. 12, 2016 Tony Morales proposed to Suvi. There was a marriage ceremony in her native Sri Lanka and then a Catholic ceremony back in Maryland.

Tony had been athletic all of his life when he had a seizure at work.

Countless scans, chemotherapy, blood transfusions and more would follow until NIH released him saying there was nothing more they could do.

"I mean we just exhausted all of our treatment options, so I’m the kind of person I don’t stop fighting," Suvi said. 

In December 2018, Suvi found a program for a glioblastoma survivors at the University of Virginia‘s hospital in Charlottesville, Va.

She signed the papers.

"They said that they had an option, but they can't guarantee the outcome would be. But we were ready just take on the world or anything that could possibly extend his life," she said.

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Tony went through CPT-11 with Avastin. The hope was that treatment would decrease the size of the tumor.

"So we would have to leave at 5-6 a.m. to get there on time, but we noticed a difference and we noticed his grip difference. His attitude and all of that but his family and I noticed also it was very slow since the tumor was very aggressive at the point," Suvi said.

On May 15, 2019 Tony Morales took his last breath. He was only 26.

"And even on the day we buried him I said, 'I'll see you later,' because I refuse to say goodbye," Suvi said.

Tony's bill
Tony's bill for treatment

And then came the bill from UVA hospital for Tony’s treatment. Suvi would have to pay more than $134,000 for five treatments.

"And I said, 'I need help. There’s no way I can pay this.' And you know that they did, debt-to-income ratio, where at that moment he was getting Social Security disability, so with that in my income, our mortgage payment and everything else, they said that I need to pay $200 a month," Suvi said.

Suvi said she’ll be paying the bill for the next 56 years until she’s 83 years old.

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