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Wedding planning during a pandemic

You're engaged? Congratulations! But how do you plan a wedding during a pandemic? Here are some tips.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Wedding planning can be stressful in any year, but the pandemic adds an extra layer of complications for couples hoping to get hitched. 

Sesyle Moorhead, the director of Catering and Conference Services at The Hotel at the University of Maryland, has tips for engaged couples as they navigate a new type of wedding planning.

  • Be flexible! Understand that the current environment requires you to think “outside of the box” to plan and execute a wedding.
  • Get creative! You hired your vendors because you like their artistry – ask them for suggestions and advice.
  • Understand local restrictions. If you are unsure, ask your venue and/or caterer - they should be able to explain what is and is not permissible.
  • Read and understand your contracts! If you don’t understand, ask questions. You might not be able to negotiate a full cancellation refund, but there should be a contingency for postponement or scaling down, should it be necessary.
  • Consider non-traditional wedding dates. Due to all of the 2020 wedding postponements, dates in 2021 are filling quickly. Consider traditionally “off-peak” days and months when there might still be greater availability.
  • Consider your guests. What can you flex and/or implement to make sure that your friends and family feel comfortable and safe attending your wedding?
  • Don’t overcommit. Remember that while everyone might want to attend, not everyone will be able or willing to travel. Make sure to speak with guests in advance to understand who might opt to stay at home.
  • Consider tech! For guests that can’t join in person, consider live-streaming your vows to loved ones near and far.