WASHINGTON — Warming fondue

Serves 4-6

Active Time = 55-60 minutes 

Bake Time = 50 minutes 


Butter 60 grams

Nduja 200 grams

Country ham 400 grams

Shallot, sliced 400 grams 

Garlic, crushed 15 grams

Thyme 6 grams

Black peppercorn 20 grams

Ancho chili, seeds and stem removed 2 each

Apple cider vinegar 150 grams

Vermouth 1 liters

Heavy cream 2 liters

Nutmeg 2 grams

Kosher salt 10 grams

Whole oyster 12 each

7 sisters cheese 400 grams

Oyster liquor 300 grams

Cornstarch 10 grams


1.  Grate cheese and toss with corn starch.

2. Melt Butter and brown slightly, add ndjua and country ham, render on low heat until all fat is completely melted and combined. 

3. Sweat shallots and garlic until translucent along with thyme, black peppercorns, and Ancho chilies.

4. Add apple cider vin, reduce until nearly dry.

5. Add Vermouth, reduce by ¾.

6. Add cream and bring to a high simmer, then turn the heat to the lowest setting.

7. Strain through a fine mesh strainer and return to the heat, bring back to a high simmer and add the oyster liquor and cheese.

8. Blend with an emersion blender and season to taste.

9.  Serve with raw oysters on the half shell, caviar, toasted country bread, and seasonal crudité.