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Unique ideas to help you achieve a healthy home, body, and mind

If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, here are some great product ideas to help you achieve that goal.
Credit: Little GF Chefs

WASHINGTON — As we begin to pivot into a new season and a new school year, now might be the perfect time to pivot into a healthier YOU! We have compiled some products to help you achieve that healthy home, body and mind for you AND your family! 

First things first… you need to start with a clean home, free of dirt, grease AND harsh chemicals.

YVY Naturals

Credit: YVY Naturals

YVY Naturals (pronounced ee-vee) are high-performance cleaning agents made with 100% Brazilian citrus and Amazonian flowers. The company’s website says YVY “was born in Brazil, a result of watching the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest and wanting to help.”

YVY Naturals are made with 100% natural ingredients, are safe for kids and pets and are better for the environment thanks to its sustainability and zero plastic waste.

Even better news? You no longer need to scour grocery store shelves for cleaning supplies. YVY Naturals is a monthly subscription box delivered right to your doorstep, so you never run out!

I tried out YVY Naturals in my home, cleaning off grease from my stovetop and microwave after a night of making tempura. I must say, it worked great! Not only did it smell good, but removed the grease easily.

Noodle & Boo® Instant Hand Sanitizer

Credit: Noodle & Boo

Hand sanitizer is in high-demand these days, why not use something you can be confident is safe for your entire family. Noodle & Boo® Instant Hand Sanitizer uses Vegetable glycerin which leaves skin soft and supple. We have this at home, right as you walk in the door for everyone to use!

All Noodle & Boo® products are made in the USA. The company was founded by Christine Burger more than 15 years ago when she was unable to find products for her children’s’ eczema-affected skin. Noodle & Boo® provides all natural and holistic maternity and baby skin care products.

Shrewd Food

Credit: Shrewd Food

Looking for healthier snack options especially now that you may be working from home? Do your kids need a healthy pick-me-up in the middle of their virtual learning?

Being mindful of your snacking doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless. Shrewd Food delivers high-quality snacks that are crunchy, healthy and flavorful! Shrewd Food snacks are high in protein and low in sugar, carbs and calories. They are gluten-free, non-GMO, contain no peanuts or tree nuts, soy-free, no eggs, Kosher and all-natural ingredients. Everything you want from a delicious, healthy snack, right?

Also, you can get Shrewd Food delivered right to your doorstep with their subscription service, so you always have a snack on hand for you and the kids. You can grab a bag of Protein Puffs that come with flavors like Brick-oven Pizza, Sriracha Cheddar or Cookies & Cream or add Parmesan Herb Protein Croutons to your salad!

Uber Appliance Sorbet and Frozen Dessert Maker

Credit: Uber Appliance

Looking for a delicious dessert without the guilt?

The Uber Appliance Sorbet and Frozen dessert maker is easy to use… simply turn on the machine, pop in your favorite frozen fruits and enjoy a tasty and healthy dessert in just minutes! As they say on their website, “Don’t sacrifice taste for health when you can have both!” It’s an easy way to satisfy that craving, and a fun activity to do with your kids! You can make sorbet or popsicles.

Little GF Chefs

Credit: Little GF Chefs

Want a little help in the kitchen? Looking for something fun for the kids to do while teaching them some skills?

Little GF Chefs is an easy and fun way to teach kids how to find their way around the kitchen, learn some math and science skills, and ensure they eat healthy food and snacks. They're all about empowering kids through fun baking experiences.

Little GF Chefs is perfect for any child, but especially those with dietary restrictions. They make gluten-free, allergy-friendly baking kits, like pretzel bites. (Even me, someone who usually stays out of the kitchen, was able to make these and they were delicious!) You can buy them individually or as a subscription service. Happy baking!

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