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Tips to declutter your life for 2020 and beyond

Lifestyle business organizer Jane Stoller provides some top tips in her new book, Decluttering for Dummies to help you stay organized in the new year!

WASHINGTON D.C., DC — A goal for many Americans is to get organized. So get started by clearing the clutter at home, in the office, and even digitally. Lifestyle business organizer Jane Stoller explains how you can work towards a clear space, and a clear mind.

"It's easy to get overwhelmed, so start small. You don't have to do your entire house or your entire computer at once," adds Stoller.

Take 10 minutes a day, every day, to make sure that you are working towards the goal of no clutter.

Stoller says, "My mantra is actually an overwhelmed closet actually leads to success." The closet is the first thing that you see in the morning so to get a fresh start everyday and save time, an organized closet is an easy fix. Plus, it gives you one less thing to worry about."

Know what stuff is sentimental versus stuff that needs to be out in the open.

"If you have an attic full and you don't know what you have and it tomorrow went away, then is it really sentimental?"

Also, avoid what Stoller says are trap spots in the house, "Entry rooms and mud rooms, they are cluttered traps. Anything that is like a trap for clutter where people are just putting stuff in your house, I would tackle those as well. They are putting stuff back where they belong and making sure that stuff doesn't accumulate."

For more tips visit organizedjane.com or find her on Instagram @organizedjane. You can also find Jane's new book on Amazon called Decluttering for Dummies.