If you’ve run out of gift ideas for what to give your loved one for holidays and special occasions, your worries end here. Now you can look to the stars to figure out the perfect gift!

No more guessing and gift receipts—you can tailor your gifts to your loved one based on their zodiac sign. Get a notepad ready, Potomac Mills stylist and author of Style Bible, Lauren Rothman shares the astrological guide to gifting.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer


Because Aries are always up for an adventure, try gifting them something that will come in handy for any last-minute getaways that may spring up!


Natural homebodies, Taurus love to snuggle up indoors. Make sure they’re doing it in style with a super cozy gift.


They tease that Gemini have multiple personalities, so why not satisfy them all with gift with some variety / options?


Cancers are naturally nurturing so a gift that they can tend to will be right up their alley!

Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio


Leos have some the biggest hearts of all the signs. Gift them something that allows them to wear that big heart on their sleeves, proudly.


Virgos are notoriously practical so they’ll appreciate a gift that they wouldn’t have thought to grab for themselves but that will always come in handy!


The Libra in your life appreciates beauty so anything that adds a little style to their space will be adored.


Scorpios are sensual by nature. Make sure they flaunt that this Valentine’s Day with a gift that speaks to their passionate side.

Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces


Another sign that’s always on the go, Sagittarius are known for blazing trails. Make sure they’re jetting off with all their essentials in tow with a gift that’s stylish and practical.


Capricorns are the busiest bees of the zodiac so they’ll appreciate a gift that will help keep them organized!


Did you know that Aquarius love social gatherings? What better gift to treat them to than one they can share with their loved ones?


Pisces are sentimental, so anything you can personalize to them will mean a lot! Bonus points if it can be monogrammed for that extra thoughtful touch.

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