WASHINGTON — Looking for a new and immersive way to view the sites in Washington, D.C.?

MindTravel SilentHikes are touring the U.S. and making a stop in D.C.

MindTravel SilentHikes is an immersive music and meditation experience and will kick off at Albert Einstein Memorial Thursday, August 1st, at 7 pm.

A key part of MindTravel is the visual experience and the essence of the location. Washington D.C has such a rich history, and the immersive music experience enhances the journey.

This experience is led by MindTravel creator and composer, Murray Hidary.

"Over the course of the MindTravel experience, you’ll join other MindTravelers exploring one of the world's most beautiful gardens, parks, and trails while guided by MindTravel music delivered through MindTravel headphones. The evocative, improvisational piano music ignites freedom and expansiveness that amplifies the healing and inspirational power of being surrounded by beauty.

After a short introduction and intention-setting by the Albert Einstein Memorial, the group will venture forth on a guided meditative walk through The Tidal Basin taking in the historic D.C. landmarks including the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument for a contemplative and powerful creative journey--all while enveloped in the transcendent sounds of the beautiful, original MindTravel compositions."

Visit this event page for more information and to register for this free SilentHike.