Stress is a normal part of life. At times, the extra burst of adrenaline can be useful but too much stress left unchecked can lead to a variety of health problems. Chronic or severe stress can negatively affect an individual's physical, emotional and mental health.

Stretching can relieve stress by improving mobility and elasticity. Laurent Amzallag is one of D.C.'s top trainers who says stretching is a great way to alleviate anxiety and tension. The fitness expert and founder of Yala Fitness Wellness & Lifestyle has five stress buster stretches that can be done anywhere.

1. Good Mornings

10 stretches.png
  • Bring arms up in the air while taking a deep breath.
  • Hold arms in the air for two seconds and release while exhaling.
  • Repeat 5 times.

2. Calve Stretches Leaning on Chair

20 stretches.png
  • Hold stretch for two seconds.
  • Repeat five times per side.

3. Seated Piriformis Stretch

  • Hold stretch for five seconds and release.
  • Repeat five times per side.

4. Chest Opener

40 stretches.png
  • Lean back against chair.
  • Open up the chest and hold position for five seconds.
  • Repeat five times.

5. Seated Lower Back Stretch

50 stretches.png
  • Lean forward and touch floor.
  • Hold position for five seconds.
  • Repeat five times.

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