Happy and healthy Phalaenopsis or moth orchid don't get ice cubes in lieu of watering! They are born in a topical climate where the are treated to plenty of warmth and sunlight.

Here's how to get the best results with the elegant and exotic flower.

  • Moth orchids prefer medium-low light, and are happiest in an east or west facing window. Direct sunlight will scorch it.
  • Make sure the moth orchid has a pot with holes in the bottom for drainage.
  • Place your potted orchid in a sink of cool water allowing the pot to sit for 10-15 minutes. Lift out and let the excess water drain. (Note: Orchids are potted in bark not soil and need to be watered differently)
  • To re-bloom your moth orchid, place it near a cool spot in the house that still gets sunlight in September or October. Try cracking the window near the plant or place outside a few nights in the 50's. The cool night air will help stimulate a flower spike which means you'll get a re-bloom in February or March providing your are diligent with watering and care. (Note: The temperature change is vital to re-blooming)

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