In her new cookbook, ONE-POT GLUTEN FREE COOKING, nutritionist, blogger and author Amy Rains shares simple, gluten-free, 30 minute meals her entire family loves. It's possible to eat healthy, no matter how hectic the schedule.

"This book is full of recipes that are naturally gluten-free using nature's best vegetables, herbs and delicious spices. As a super busy mom who spends most evenings at the ball fields, I have made it my mission to create nutritious and delicious meals for my family."

Amy Rains - Wholesomelicious

Amy Rains is the founder of Wholesomelicious, a food blog for people who want to eat well on a busy schedule. 

Below is Amy's recipe for Spicy Chicken Zoodle Soup

"This is a great healthy recipe to make during the cold months! A fun and healthy twist on Chicken Noodle Soup. Perfect for football season, pleasing for a crowd. It happens to be one of my family’s favorites, and one I make it all the time. My 8 year old and 11 year old love it, and they don’t even miss the pasta noodles."


"Zippy—that’s  how  I  describe  this  yummy  soup.  Chicken  noodle  soup  has  always  been  a  favorite,  and  with  the  addition  of  zucchini  noodles  and  buffalo  hot  sauce,  I  elevated  this  soup  to  a  whole  new  level!  It's  low  carb  and  just  downright  delicious." 


2  tbsp  (30  ml)  avocado  oil  or  olive  oil

1  medium  yellow  onion,  diced

1  lb  (450  g)  boneless,  skinless  chicken  breast,  cut  into  bite-size  pieces

1  tsp  Kosher  salt

½  tsp  ground  black  pepper

3  stalks  celery,  diced  (about  1  cup  [128  g])

4  large  carrots,  peeled  and  diced  (about  1  cup  [128  g])

40  oz  (1.2  L)  chicken  broth

¼–½  cup  (60–120  ml)  buffalo  hot  sauce  (see  note)

3  cups  (420  g)  zucchini  noodles 

¼  cup  (4  g)  fresh  cilantro,  chopped,  optional

Heat  a  large  stock  pot  to  medium  heat.  Once  hot,  add  the  oil  and sauté  the  onion for  3  minutes. 

Place  the  chicken,  salt  and  pepper  into  the  pot.  Sauté  with  the  onion  for  another  3  to 4  minutes.  Add  the  celery,  carrots,  chicken  broth  and  hot  sauce.  Bring  to  a  boil, reduce  the  heat  to  a  simmer  and  add  the  zucchini  noodles.

Let  simmer  for  another  5  to  7  minutes  before  serving.  Garnish  with fresh  cilantro, if  using.

Note:  This  recipe  is  pretty  spicy  with  ½  cup  (120  ml)  of  hot  sauce. Start  with ¼  cup  (60  ml)  and  adjust  to  taste.