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Up And Coming Music Artist Creating Thought-Provoking Music

Sean D. Brown wants to make relatable music that his audience can connect with.
Credit: WUSA

23-year-old hip-hop recording artist Sean D. Brown from Stafford County, Virginia premiered his music video “Titanic” on last Friday’s DMV Soundcheck.

Brown made his artist debut in 2019 and always had an affinity for music. In high school, the rapper realized he wanted to make music and his first performance was at his 10th-grade talent show. The performance received positive feedback; however, he realized he needed to take time to further develop his lyrics and music flow. During the time he took to refine his music skills, he looked to notable American rapper J. Cole and patterned his music style after his. Brown wanted to make conscious and thought-provoking lyrics that reflect real-life issues. He describes today’s popular music as “industry manufactured with no real meaning behind it” and makes relatable music to get people through the challenges they face.

Brown recently released a 10-song project titled “Release,” reflecting on the hardships of young adulthood in America. Friday’s featured song “Titanic” offers a timeless message about persevering when things aren’t going as planned. He wrote the song during a tough time in his life when he struggled to secure a job in information technology. Instead of letting his negative thoughts become his inner saboteur, he kept his end goal in mind, continued to put his best foot forward and an opportunity finally came his way. His messaging encourages listeners to stay inspired while pursuing their dreams.

The promising artist works a full-time job in information technology and focuses on music in the evenings and weekends. Balancing a music hobby and a career in IT is challenging for the artist, but he loves music and plans to make his dream of becoming a full-time music artist a reality. He says, “Although success is not immediate, just know that your hard work towards your dream will pay off. Success happens when hard work meets opportunity.”