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Reston Hospital is leading the way for breast cancer treatment

From detection to treatment 
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Every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Reston Hospital is offering new ways to help women prevent and treat this disease.

Mammograms are essential for women typically starting at the age of 40. The staff at the women's imagery center of Reston Hospital strives to make the environment as comfortable as possible. The state of the art 3D Mammography machine allows doctors to detect breast cancer in even earlier stages. "There are lots of cancers that are detected because women feel them," says Judith Kaplan, MD, Radiologist at Reston. "But there are lots that are not palpable, and those are the things we're finding." The detection rate with this device has increased by 30 percent.

If cancer is detected, Reston Hospital has Breast Care Navigators to work directly with the patients, and ensure they're comfortable with every step of the treatment process. One of the more recent steps is the placement of the Savi Scout within the patient's breast. The Savi Scout is a marker that helps the surgeon find the lesion more precisely. It has made surgeries easier, and has improved the patient experience. "We're a big team. We're here to help the patients and give them what they need," says Eva Cooper, Lead Sonographer at Reston Hospital. "We're all in it together."

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