WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Mandarin Oriental Washington DC's Executive Chef, Adam Tanner shows Markette Sheppard how to create a Far Eastern-style delight, Black Cod Hong Kong Style!

Black Cod Hong Kong Style

lemongrass steamed cod| soy sauce |

ginger | sesame oil | baby bok choy

Makes 4 portions



· 460 g Black Cod, cut into 4, 120 g portions

· 1 oz fine julienne ginger

· Sesame oil as needed

· White pepper fine ground as needed

· Sea salt fine ground as needed

· 4 stalks lemongrass peeled, smashed and rough chopped

· Banana or cabbage leaves


· 3 tbsps. of fresh ginger, finely shredded

· 6 tbsps. spring onions, finely shredded

· ½ cup light soy sauce

· ½ cup dark soy sauce

· 3 tbsp. organic palm sugar

· ½ of lime juice

· 1/2 stalk lemongrass peeled, smashed and rough chopped

· 1/4 cup of fresh cilantro root or stems

· Water as needed (add if the broth is too salty or sweet)

To Finish:

· 2 tbsp. Hot oil such as vegetable or peanut oil

· ¼ cup julienne leeks (reserved in ice water)

· ¼ cup julienne green onion (reserved in ice water)

· Micro Cilantro (optional)

· Fried Dried chilies (optional)

· Bok choy (optional)

· Braised lotus root, 8 slices (optional)

· Crispy lotus root (garnish)



· Lightly oil the cod and toss with seasonings, ginger and cover with plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

· Line and steamer basket with banana or cabbage leaf and the lemongrass to at least 2 inch of water in the pan and bring the water to a simmer.

· Place the cod gently in the basket on top of the leaves, cover and steam over the lemongrass water 5-7 minutes cooking the fish until it starts the flake but still moist.

· At this point if you were using the bok choy you would cut it in half and steam it on a second level steamer basket.


· Combine all ingredients together in sauce pan and bring slowly to the boil on medium heat. Once boiling remove from heat and let stand for 1 hour at room temp to infuse the liquid.

· Just before serving the cod strain the sauce and reheat adjusting the seasoning if necessary. The broth should be a nice balance of sweet and salty. Reserve the hot broth for plating.

· At this point if using the lotus root you would braised it in the broth until tender.

To Finish:

· Heat the oil to very hot and slightly smoking. In a bowl plate the steamed bok choy and lotus in the bottom. Gently remove the fish from the steamer basket and place on top of the lotus root. Pour the sauce evenly over the plates and top each fish with a mixture of the leek, micro cilantro and green onion. Garnish the dish with the crispy lotus and fried chili and finish with the hot oil. Serve immediately.