The animal world may know David Mizejewski as their savoir in the wild, but around New Year's time the 42-year-old wildlife evangelist and NatGeo WILD TV host is just like any other man who's enjoyed a season of festivities & feasting over the holidays—he's now focused on losing a few extra pounds.

"Right now, I look like the Chris Pratt of Parks & Rec, but my goal is to look like the Chris Pratt of Jurassic World," says Mizejewski, who also works as a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation.

Enter Vida Fitness, who has invited the animal lover to blog about his new passion of getting fit on their website. He wants to lose 50 pounds and has teamed up with a trainer there to lean out like a the lions and tigers he works so hard to preserve in his day job. Trainers at DC-based gym, Vida, hope to inspire people to lose along with him as they aim for Washington to become the most fit city in country.

"I plan to give it my all," he says.

Follow Mizejewski's 6-month journey to losing 50 pounds on his blog... or by joining him in the gym!

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