Summer is one of the busiest seasons for moving. If you're planning on relocating, there's a new app that can make your life easier. Here's how Takl can save you time during a stressful situation.

Assemble new furniture. Does the idea of looking through a manual and sorting nuts and bolts give you a headache? Use the Takl app or web page to hire a service worker to do it. They're trained professionals who can easily decipher convoluted instructions in no time.

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Haul empty boxes away. If you're moving to a new area, you don't want to anger your neighbors by having a ton of empty boxes on the curb. Takl will take them off your hands along with old appliances or furniture you don't want.

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Line cabinets and drawers. Cutting liner into exact dimensions for each cabinet is tedious work. Takl providers can install it in no time, and arrange your kitchen items perfectly.

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Organize your closet. A new living space means an opportunity to create new habits. It's easier to stay organized once you've had a professional arrange your closet for you. You'll feel like you've just moved into a high end boutique.

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Clean your old place. To get your deposit back, you need to make sure the place you're moving out of is spotless. The Takl team will wipe down baseboards, vacuum carpets, and clear off surfaces. They also can repair holes in the dry wall. Move into your new place knowing there are no loose ends in the old one.

This article is sponsored by Takl. Download the app and get your chores done.

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