Wonder Woman hits theaters today, but the newest Amazon princess arrived weeks ago. Gal Gadot, who stars as the righteous Marvel superhero, gave birth to her second daughter this spring. The Israeli actress, model and martial artist was in her second trimester of pregnancy when she wrapped her final scenes for the Warner Brothers action flick.

“[I] got pregnant when I was shooting Justice League and then at the end of Justice League I had to do some additional photography for this one, so I was five months pregnant,” Gadot tells Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight. “And I just had a funny costume, they cut a big triangle and painted it green and I came to work.

Gadot’s baby girl with her real-estate developer husband Yaron Varsano is named Maya. She made her entrée into the world on March 20, but Gadot jokes that Maya had her big-screen debut well before her birthday.

“Me and my Maya—we came to work together,” says Gadot about filming some of the final Wonder Woman scenes with child.

The film follows the world's most iconic female super hero as she decides to fulfill her sacred destiny as a warrior princess. Diana, Amazon warrior princess, joins the fight to save mankind after a pilot, played by Chris Pine, crashes onto her homeland of Amazon Island and shares news of an impending world war.

“I cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost,” proclaims Diana in Wonder Woman and, thus, the drama ensues.

Gadot’s next blockbuster film to hit theaters is Justice League, due out in November of this year.

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