The Cohen Veterans Network was created to help military veterans and their families heal from the mental and physical scars suffered while serving their country.

The CVN has 7 clinics located around the country, including one in Silver Spring, MD.

The Steven A Cohen Military Family Clinic at Easterseals held it’s Grand opening November 2nd.

Sergeant Kyle White, a Medal of Honor recipient, is on a mission to erase the stigma around “invisible wounds” that Veterans can suffer from and remind them it’s okay to get help.

Sgt. White joined Markette Sheppard and Kristen Berset-Harris on Great Day Washington to talk about how he is helping CVN erase the stigma and about getting a call from the President of the United States to find out he was receiving the Medal of Honor!

“Really the story is why should you get help. You know something is off, you’ve seen it. Your family and friends have identified it. There’s nothing wrong with [getting help].”

The focus of the Cohen Veteran’s Network is to help not just the Veteran but the family as well.

“It’s so important to remember and it’s so important to recognize what the CVN model does is incorporate the family. Because as we know, those that deploy, their families deploy with them. They’re sharing that hardship.”

Oh, and that call from POTUS?

“They tell you a high ranking military official is going to call you. I was like ‘Okay’. There’s a receptionist at the White House, they say ‘Please hold for the President of the United States. And sure enough ‘Hey it’s Barack Obama’!”

Check out the video for more of the interview with Medal of Honor recipient Kyle White.

If you know a Veteran who is in need of help – please visit to learn more about the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Easterseals.