Fish can be an intimidating dish to try to cook, but with the help of Executive Chef S├ębastien Giannini of Alhambra, the brand-new restaurant at The St. Regis, Washington D.C. it's easy! Chef Giannini says it's easy to create a fresh and healthy meal using heart-healthy salmon. Here is his recipe:

Gravlax Salmon

Serves: 4


  • salt 50 grams
  • sugar 50 grams
  • olive oil (evoo) 1 liter
  • salmon filet 500 grams
  • savora condiment 40 grams
  • shallots 1 piece
  • chives 1 bouquet
  • apple (seasonal choice) 2 pieces
  • champagne 1 bottle
  • lemon 4 pieces


  1. Marinate the salmon overnight in 0.750ml of olive oil with three lemon slices
  2. Diced shallots and chives, mixed with savora condiment and olive oil
  3. Prepare the mix: half and half sugar and salt, put on the salmon filet for 20 minutes
  4. Rinse the salmon on the water, dry it
  5. Sear a la plancha or in a pan with a little bit of evoo
  6. Prepare the julienne of granny smith apple, chilled in champagne
  7. Ready a plate with the condiment savora, slice the salmon and julienne of with apple

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