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Leading cardiovascular care at University of Maryland Capital Region Health

Bringing greater care to Prince George's County and beyond.
Credit: UM Capital Region Health
Dr. Brown treats a patient at UM Capital Region Health

CHEVERLY, Md. — 1 in every 4 deaths in the United States is caused by heart disease. It's the leading cause for both men and women. As prevalent as it is, heart disease often has no warning. But with today's technology, there are minimally-invasive and extremely low-risk ways to prevent the epidemic. The Heart and Vascular Care Program at University of Maryland Capital Region Health puts the patient first amid advanced methods and preeminent health care. The doctors and staff treated their 300th patient last year and are well versed in all coronary issues. 

Prince George's County residents, as well as those in neighboring areas, can look to UM Capital Region Health for safe open heart surgical procedures. One of these is coronary artery bypass grafting. It's common for the three arteries in the heart to get blocked over time. Heart surgeons have mostly used stents to open individual blocked vessels. But if all three are blocked simultaneously and the patient meets other criteria, the grafting procedure is the best option. With this method other arteries and veins in the body are used to strengthen the coronary arteries, and give the heart oxygen it needs. The procedure is low-risk and the best option to ward against heart attacks and heart failure.  

There are steps to take before any open heart procedures are necessary. One is staying informed and taking advantage of screenings and tests that can reveal warning signs. Blood pressure tests and other treatments will be available at the free Health Matters Expo Thursday, Feb. 21 at Kentland Community Center in Landover, Md. Dr. Jamie Brown, the Medical Director of Cardiac Surgery from UM Capital Region Health, and other professionals will be on hand to share their expertise. Take advantage of the guidance from these experts and the plethora of tests available. Knowledge gives you the power to prevent grave diseases and take control of your health.

The WUSA9 Health Matters Expo will take place Thursday, Feb. 21 between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. at 2413 Pinebrook Ave, Landover, MD, 20785.

This article is sponsored by UM Capital Region Health. Additional information provided by the CDC

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