WASHINGTON D.C., DC — Finding out you're pregnant can be the happiest time in many women's lives. But it is also overwhelming and stressful. Mayor Muriel Bowser wants every community in the district to understand the health risks women face. To spread this awareness Mayor Bowser will host the National Maternal and Infant Health Summit at the Washington Convention Center Tuesday, September, 10. Many of DC's most knowledgeable representatives will be on hand to provide information and encouragement.  

Staying healthy during pregnancy is a big topic for this initiative. Representatives from DC's Child and Family Services Agency will be on hand to discuss improving the safety and well being of children. This includes providing assistance and information regarding prenatal care.

"We see women who are not seeking prenatal care within that first trimester. Women who generally do not seek care early enough will have an opportunity to have that child before full-term," says Mary Morgan of CFSA. "We encourage each and every woman to seek prenatal care as soon as they know they're pregnant. When we don't have the appropriate care for mom during pregnancy, the children may end up with life long circumstances and issues."

Seeking that care can seem daunting for new mothers to be. The National Maternal and Infant Health Summit will have workshops and lectures conducted by DC health officials. "We want to bring mom, dad, baby all together to make sure they are bringing the child up in a healthy and strong childhood development," says Morgan. "I encourage every family member to take care of mom. Stay focused."

For more information on the summit visit www.dcmaternalhealth.com.