WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — In 2018 over 60 million Americans fell victim to financial crime and fraud. That number continues to rise every year. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and USAA has tips to prevent you from falling prey to scams. 

Have your guard up on dating sites. Whether you're splurging on a new outfit or picking up the check, dating can be expensive. But it shouldn't cost you your life savings. Some scam artists are using dating apps to target vulnerable people. If you're hitting it off with someone via app messaging and then they ask you to send money, end communication. 

Watch out for elder financial abuse. If you have elderly relatives, warn them about various scams. Tell them to never submit their credit card information over email. Be aware of their finances so you can inquire about questionable transactions.  

Enroll in multi-factor authentication. Having a password is not the only method you should use for account security. USAA provides biometric options such as fingerprint, face, and voice authentication. Having these in place further prevents criminals from being able to access your private information.

Get alerts to monitor transactions. Scam artists have installed skimmers on ATM machines that can essentially copy your bank card. Sign up for alerts from your bank that automatically notify you after any withdrawal. If you get an email or text about a transaction you didn't make, you can contact your bank immediately to rectify it.

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